The Next Bible Study is …

It has been way too long since I finished Jonah. But I’ve been distracted by an assortment of things. I am working on an ‘adventure’ for the Forever Stone site, in addition to all sorts of commitments beyond the Internet. In addition, I as I write this, I’m getting over some sort of virus/bronchial infection.

This is to let anyone who drops by know that I have not abandoned this site. I am reading the next book and will soon be posting the study on this site. I will give one hint: It will be from the Apocrypha. We need to be familiar with those writings, since Jesus and the Apostles knew them well. In fact, one of the tests the Sadducees used was based, in part, on something from the book we will soon be studying. 

So, when I get caught up with Forever Stone I’ll be back here.

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