TOBIT: An Introduction

In this third Bible Study we will be studying a fun story. One that has angels and demons and miracles and heroes. Instead of chapter by chapter, I’m going to offer some information in this introduction and then ask you to read the entire story. After you read it, return… Continue reading

Jonah FOUR: Part Two

…It does not matter if the story is “literally” true (I think it must be…Jonah would not make this up) or an “allegory” to illustrate a point…or both. What matters is that we make the attempt to understand the Spiritual Truth God is revealing to us through his prophet. Continue reading

Jonah FOUR: part one

But…he uses the words God gives him. And the people repent. Israel had seen Elijah order a drought and then watched as God lit a fire on Mount Carmel. They had witnessed the great miracles of Elisha. And yet they refused to listen. We do not know what happened to Jonah. But Amos and Hosea followed him. And still the people would not listen. But Nineveh did listen. And God postponed their destruction. Continue reading