Philippians FOUR: 18-23

You will notice that I have included vs. 18-20 in this final lesson, even though they were included in the previous one. Well, they are sort of a transition into the closing doxology and greetings. But more than that, The Asbury Commentary suggests that some ‘ancient texts’ read this as “May God supply…” Which, if that’s the case, really does move these two verses into the closing remarks. Continue reading

Philippians FOUR: 10-20

Fourth, we really need to learn to be content. God gave us the Tenth Commandment because He understood our discontent. ‘The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence’ sums it up very nicely. Continue reading

Philippians FOUR: 4-9

We have reached the pinnacle of “Mount Philippians”. Three of these four verses are quoted frequently – very frequently –by many Christians…We pull these verses out of context, using them in ways that, to me, make them sound like platitudes. Continue reading